Mission & Purpose

“We Are What We Believe.”

By Solomon Joseph 

If we believe we are successful, we will be successful. If we believe we will fail, then we are convincing ourselves of that affirmation. I have learned and experienced that positive affirmations works, especially when encouraging and working with our out of school youth. These affirmations are important in that they instill in youths about who they are and what they can become.
As a youth adviser and counselor, I believe in motivating youths and encouraging them to truly discover the world and their environment, not what they are taught or what they see on the idiot box.  How they truly feel about themselves is important, and the way I would encourage them is to answer their own questions about themselves and about their lives.
I believe in the teachings of the educational pledge. This pledge was given to me by a mentor and advisor who has encouraged me and guided me. This pledge is about empowering youths and helping them see the world through their own eyes and experiences, instead of following others. What our youths need today is a way to see or envision the future. They need to recognize their reason and purpose for being, and what is the reason that they are alive today, for what?
My philosophy is about teaching youths how to think instead of what to think. Too often ideas and dreams become unrealistic and it can lead to a path which leads to a dead end.
I make sure to inform and educate youths to understand the purpose of a goal, and how to achieve it. It’s not only about saying and thinking about a goal, but to put the goal into action. That is the key.
The Educational Pledge is a program I would like to encourage all youths to understand and learn because it is a pledge for themselves.
You can pledge to anything, but if you don’t pledge to and for yourself, “that anything” has no meaning or foundation. The Educational Pledge is not like other educational pledges. It’s unique and essential for our young people to be introduced to it. It addresses the importance of education, and how it can open doors and opportunities they never thought or dreamed of.
My philosophy is about positive action and positive reinforcement. Youths need to know that I am on their side, and I’m rooting for them every step of the way, and I apply the values of the educational pledge to guide me and the young people I’m working with.
This website is still under development, under construction, but it will be finished soon, providing one of the tools needed to advance our children, our youth, our young people, creating the path toward manifest diversity.
The future is in their hands….


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