About Solomon Joseph

Solomon Joseph is an educator, founder of the Manifest Diversity project, whose mission is to teach and share positive and meaningful information and lessons about the significance of understanding “Diversity” and how to apply it in our daily lives.  Solomon loves to interact with young people.
Solomon was born and raised in Washington Heights, adopting Puerto Ricans/Dominicans as his family. Solomon’s parents are from Pakistan. While Solomon maintains his cultural roots, he has learned, adopted and embraced cultures from around the world providing him the ingredients and understanding the essence of “Manifest Diversity.”
Solomon is presently serving as a career advisor, involved in developing a student ambassador program with the Buffalo public school’s adult education division, a project designed to build youth and leadership development.
He will be carrying the torch of “The Educational Pledge” to inspire and light up the lives of the present and future generations.
To contact him for workshops, seminars and speaking engagements for your class or school, contact him at theeducationalpledge@gmail.com.