By Solomon Joseph

The Educational Pledge started as a poem written by Puerto Rican poet, writer, publisher and community activist, Alberto O. Cappas. At the time he wrote it during the late 1990s, he had no idea it would become many things or take different shapes or forms.
Today, in 2019, The Educational Pledge has been utilized in many American institutions, such as corrections, colleges & universities, community organizations, and the public schools system.
It has been translated into Spanish, it has been recited on Youtube, and it has been transformed and interpreted into song and music.
I came across the Educational Pledge while I was sitting down having some coffee in a local restaurant (Buffalo, NY).
While drinking my coffee and thinking about my day’s work and meetings to attend, I noticed the “Buffalo Latino Village”, a monthly newspaper, sitting there in a corner waiting for customers to come and get their copy. I picked one up and when I opened the second page, I immediately noticed the Educational Pledge, it hit my heart and soul, it was exactly what I was looking for.
As a young person who recently relocated from New York City’s Washington Heights, to Buffalo, NY, the Buffalo Latino Village found me, I did not find it. For me, it was divine intervention. The Educational Pledge gives me the educational foundation, the message, the philosophy, the roadmap, and the curriculum I needed to start my journey, reaching out to the schools, to parents, and to community leaders.
We must share the Educational Pledge with our parents and young people. Therefore, I’m making myself available for speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops around the beautiful meaning and philosophy of the Educational Pledge.
Yes, I’m ready! I took the liberty of reaching out to the original author of the “pledge” and he gave me full ownership of the “Educational Pledge.”
This is what he told me:
“Young man, I’m seventy-two (72) years old. You came to me not by accident, but sent by the universe. It is time for a young man to continue the work of the Educational Pledge. I’m passing the torch to you.” — Alberto O. Cappas
The rest was history. As of that date, I’ve became his partner in crime. I’ve collaborated on his second edition of his work, “The Educational Pledge, Questions to Self-Development”, where I served as editor and did the introduction to the book.
Join me as I reach out to our young people and try to guide them on the right educational path.