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By Alberto O. Cappas, Edited by Solomon Joseph

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The Educational Pledge, Questions to Self-Development, by Alberto O. Cappas, Edited by Solomon Joseph

The Educational Pledge – Questions to Self-Development

A book designed to provoke the mind of students and young people, provides questions to help young people to see the world, to understand concepts, philosophy, and the personal building of values and standards to help in the journey of one's life. Book has been used for the past thirty plus years in public schools and by families. The cost of the book includes shipment and delivery, if order here from the Educational Pledge. Delivered within 4-5 days.


To Think is to Grow, Quotes t provoke the Mind, Recapturing the ability to Think

Another book by the author, Alberto O. Cappas. The book is a collection of his personal quotes he used during his presentations and lectures throughout his life to colleges/universities, correctional facilities, parents associations, and the public school system. The book was written for young people, providing an opportunity to provoke conversation and discussion as a way to understand the life around them. 112 pages