Educational & Career RESOURCES

A list of Educational Resources and Contacts:

This list is always in progress, please feel free to add to the list:


Colleges & Universities in the U.S. of America
Colleges & Universities in Buffalo & Erie County
Colleges & Universities in New York City
Colleges & Universities in New York State
Best Colleges — According to USNews
12 Tips on how to get into the college of your choice
Building your college application plan
Student Financial Aid for College
Historically Black Colleges in America (HBCA)
Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities (HACU)
4 Useful Ways to Prepare for College Life


Brothers Keeper, Male Academy (Buffalo Public Schools Annual Event)
Buffalo Latino Village
Brainy Quotes (Positive)
Positive Comments
ents to have when speaking to students
How students can stay positive toward school
25 Ways Teachers can be Role Models
Talking to students about Positive Values
Empowering Black and Latino students to use Digital Learning
Seven tips on how to achieve a Positive Mindset
Five things Colleges need to do to help Black and Latino Students
Minority Students, Self-Esteem, and Education


What is a Doctor?
What is an Engineer?
What is a Scientist?
What is an Astronaut?
What is a Mathematician?
What is a Biologist?
What is a Writer?
What is a Journalist?
What is a Politician?
What is a Webmaster?
What is a Nurse?
What is a Publisher
What is a Photographer?
What is a Manager?
What is an Administrator?
What is an Elected Official
What is the Congress of the United States?
What is the United States Constitution?
What is a state Senator?
What is a state Congressman?
What is a city mayor?
Who were the presidents of the United States?
What is the difference between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?
How to Be a Rapper


What is Education?
What is the difference between Wisdom and  Knowledge?
What is Information?
What is the difference between a High School Diploma  and a GED?
What is the difference between  a College undergraduate vs. a College Graduate?
What is the difference between a High School and a Charter School?
What is the difference between a College and a University?
What is the difference  between a GED vs. an Academic Discipline?
What is Success?
What is Failure”
What does it means to give up?
What is the difference between a Writer and an Author?
What is a Publisher?
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