By Solomon Joseph

We have many differences, but we all smile, laugh and cry in the same language.
It is far better to accept and understand each other’s differences instead of closing ourselves to people who look, talk, and act differently from us.
We can all learn from one another. These beautiful messages shared by each culture and ethnic group is a message for us all.
Its main theme is love. Love for all humanity. Love for every human being.
Love has no dominant race, color, or creed. Love is universal. Love unites us, brings us closer, and creates an understanding fueled with compassion, respect, and appreciation.
When we don’t have love for each other it deprives us from connection with each other. We should practice love and apply it. This way we can erase, racism, prejudice, disrespect and other negative feelings which divide us. One of the strongest negative feeling which causes division among us is hate.
With everything that’s happened, and is still happening, it doesn’t benefit us to hate. It doesn’t benefit us at all.
Hate doesn’t progress humanity. Hate takes us so many steps far back that we must start all over again.
This country has been built on the backs of men, women, and children of all ages and races. We are now living amongst each other, loving each other, laughing with each other, crying with each other, eating with each other, and sharing resources with each other… why? Because we learned to coexist.
We learned to understand the value of being human.
We learned to appreciate one another because we know that there was a time when there was no humanity, no equality, no compassion. and no appreciation.
We don’t have to fight each other. We don’t always have to turn every disagreement into an argument. Putting others down because we need to feel better about ourselves doesn’t create a harmonious environment. It creates a negative environment, and that’s where the hate comes in, and the worst you can do is turn an argument into hate.
There is such a thing as agreeing to disagree. And that’s ok. It’s ok to disagree.
We are human, we can form our own opinions, think our own thoughts, feel our own feelings, but it doesn’t make us wrong. It just makes us different. Being different doesn’t make you wrong. So it makes better sense to respect each other and learn to understand one another.
That’s why Manifest Diversity is important because it’s being shown that we can all live together, even with our differences. With so many cultures, races, and ethnic groups from around the world, isn’t it exciting we all share this beautiful planet with each other?
Isn’t it exciting that we can talk to different people, listen and dance to different music and taste different foods? It’s darn amazing and It’s beautiful because we are living in a multicultural society — a very colorful society. And it ought to remain a colorful society if and only when we learn about each other and share a message of unity through understanding.
Ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages please open your heart, open your eyes and you will see, you will feel and believe the true colors of every living thing in this world.
We are meant to live in unity, not division, because there is more strength in unity, and there is more strength in diversity. Together, we can manifest diversity.
That is why I adopted Alberto O. Cappas’ Educational Pledge. It provides a foundation for you to better understand yourself, and if you can do that, you will have a better sense of urgency why Manifest Diversity is so important for us to understand and accept in this world.