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Invented here – fast and fun logins

Give students access to a world of digital learning with the flash of a badge. It’s not magic – it’s a secure Clever Badge.

Instant, secure access for any student

Fast and fun logins – no typing necessary
Start lessons immediately and avoid login delays
A safer alternative to sharing or posting passwords

How Clever Badges work

Choose your devices and/or browsers
Clever Badges are compatible with Chromebooks, iOS devices, Android and Windows devices. They also work in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer.
Specify who should use Badges
Just like rostering, we help you easily select the schools and students who should login with Clever Badges.
Review built-in security options
Clever Badges replace commonly used and less secure practices in lower grades, like sharing or posting passwords. Upper grades can use Badges paired with their 6-digit PIN for secure, two-factor authentication. Plus, Badges are voided each year to reduce cybersecurity risks.
Print your badges
Clever will automatically send you a file with Badges split up by school and grade level. Or, print them directly on your student-ID cards.
Need help? We’ve got you covered.
Teachers generate backup login codes for misplaced badges, while coaches and admins can void and regenerate badges if needed. Plus, you can always contact Clever Support for help.

Before Clever, teachers wouldn’t get on technology. Different softwares and logins soaked up valuable class time. Now it’s as easy as “Go get your Clever Badge,” and they have their passport to all of the softwares.

Colleen Jones
Principal, Carroll County Schools GA


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Three teachers share their stories and advice for using Clever Badges in their K-3 classrooms.

Experience the magic of Clever Badges

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