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Seamless data connections between all your applications

Clever is the preferred choice of leading applications and educators because we are committed to supporting interoperable, open education data standards.

Connect everything

Our innovative, interoperable solutions for schools are designed to enhance your school’s digital ecosystem and streamline your workflows.
Open standards
We continue to support the development of open standards, including 1EdTech OneRoster® and OAuth 2.0, so your connections can be as seamless as possible. When technology runs on the same standards, we improve efficiency, communications, and security for all users.
Identity Management
Clever is not just the hub for edtech – but also identity management. Automatically provision, manage, and archive accounts so students, teachers, and staff have the accounts they need on day one and every day.
Google Classroom rostering integration
Unify your student information system (SIS) and Google Classroom. As the exclusive rostering partner for Google, Clever automatically creates and updates courses in Google Classroom. Available at no cost for districts using Google Workspace for Education Plus in the US.
Premier partnerships
Application partners choose Clever to cut out the tedious, time-consuming aspects of software rollouts. They invest in our partnership to help their customers gain access to the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to implement software. We’re grateful for all of our partners that make easy implementation and secure access standards for schools.

Streamline education data management

Interoperability is key to decreasing troubleshooting time and ensuring accurate data across all educational data systems. When data is standardized, educators and administrators can increase efficiencty and better support student learning.

Save time

Clever eliminates the need to manually convert CSVs or transfer data by automatically syncing with your SIS or LMS.

One source of truth

Clever lets you automatically sync data between your systems so that you never have to second guess its accuracy.

Make informed decisions with your data

Clever’s data interoperability allows educators and administrators to uncover insights by providing standardized and consistent data across systems.

More ways Clever helps you

Identity & security

Trust comes first. From our comprehensive security to our transparent policies, Clever makes sure schools can oversee and control how and where their data is used. We never stop improving and continuously evaluate ways to enhance our security practices to better protect our students, teachers, and staff.

Strict access controls:
Districts can implement strict access controls to limit access to student data.
User authentication:
Clever uses a variety of authentication methods, including multi-factor authentication, to ensure that only authorized users are able to access the system.
Comprehensive security program:
Our top priority at Clever is to maintain the security and privacy of user data, which is why we design, build, and test all our products and infrastructure to meet top-notch security standards.
Data encryption:
We use the latest cryptographic algorithms like AES256-GCM, in addition to stringent user access control and multi-factor authentication measures, to safeguard your data.
Digital Classroom

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with integrating technology into your classroom. With Clever’s comprehensive suite of tools, you can safely use, discover, and personalize digital learning for your students.

Classroom Portal:
Imagine having all your essential tools and resources in one convenient location. The Clever Portal allows you to streamline your digital learning experience, providing easy access to a variety of powerful tools and resources all in one centralized hub.
Simplify logins:
With Clever’s Single Sign-On (SSO), students can effortlessly switch between different learning tools and resources without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords. SSO also helps protect student PII so you can help students learn with technology safely.
Clever Rostering:
Clever automates the rostering process by safely securing with your SIS, ensuring that student information is accurate and current. When your district uses Clever to create accounts for your favorite applications, it helps make sure students always have the right accounts, even if they transfer in mid-year.
Clever Badges:
With Clever Badges, your students don’t need to type out a username and password to start learning digitally. One quick, secure flash, and they are safely logged into their devices and tools.
Data & access

Integrating technology into the curriculum has revolutionized the way we learn, and with Clever, we can make it even more accessible, safe, and secure.

Automated Rostering:
Clever’s automated rostering allows real-time sharing of data with multiple applications, saving districts time and reducing data errors.
Single Sign-On (SSO):
A single set of login credentials allows students and teachers to access all of their applications through Clever.
Seamless Integration:
Clever allows schools to seamlessly integrate student data with many applications, making it easier to share and manage information.
District leaders can monitor edtech engagement across their district with Clever’s built-in dashboards and reports.

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How does Clever’s interoperability work?

Clever uses application programming interfaces (APIs) to share data from schools to their selected educational applications and systems. We clean and standardize the data so that applications can seamlessly create student accounts. That way, when a user logs into Clever, their credentials are authenticated, and their data is securely transmitted between applications and systems.

Which educational applications and systems are interoperable with Clever?

Clever is pledged to interoperability as a Project Unicorn signee and contributing member of the IMS Global Learning Consortium. Clever removes obstacles that block technology use in the classroom by securing and automating data integration with online learning apps and simplifying logins for students, teachers, and staff. We work with many popular educational applications, including Google Classroom, Zoom, and McGraw Hill, and make them accessible to the right teachers and students through rostering and single sign-on.

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