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The #1 way to connect digital learning solutions

Clever securely connects the data and applications that schools rely on to make digital learning work better for everyone. Our vision is to advance education with technology and digital learning solutions that work for students everywhere.


US K-12 schools use Clever

97 out of 100

of the largest US school districts trust Clever

24 million

monthly active students

Unlock digital learning

We believe that technology can transform learning for students. But, we also know it can be hard to realize the promise of edtech if it is difficult to set up, hard to use in the classroom, or insecure. That’s why Clever provides a secure platform to make digital learning work on day one and every day after that. Let Clever help you simplify digital learning.
Data and access
Automatically create, update, and roster classes based on the daily changes in your SIS. Assign access via a customized single sign-on portal for one secure login to any application.
Digital classroom
Give teachers one friendly digital classroom to organize resources, analyze edtech usage, and message students or parents. With one password or the flash of a Clever Badge, students get one delightful place for resources.
Identity and security
Simplify and secure student, teacher, and staff accounts all from one place. Manage authentication so only the right people have access to your accounts.
Integrate any SIS and easily roster applications with Clever. Connect with automated syncs and use open standards like 1EdTech OneRoster. Federated single sign-on means you can grant secure access to any application.

One connected platform

Clever is the simple, secure way to manage edtech from one place.
Secure Sync Rostering

 Reduce data errors, strengthen data security, and manage edtech—all in one connection.

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Single Sign-On

One username and password unlocks any supported application on any device or browser for students, teachers, and staff.

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Clever Portal

Log in to all digital resources in one central, customized portal with one password.

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Clever Badges

Lightning-fast, fun logins to devices and software—no typing necessary.

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Clever really is this magical place where students can go, and everything they need is just one click away.

Doug Laing
Glendale Unified
school hallway

Why schools love Clever

Access for all

Secure Sync Rostering and the Clever Portal are free for schools. Add on enterprise-level education management products that won’t break your budget.

Lightning-fast rollouts

Quickly roll out and manage applications with secure, automated rostering in about a day.

Protect student data

Student data privacy is the first thing we think about, so you can help students achieve academic success without worry.

An extensive network

The leading education applications – including Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw Hill Education, and Google – choose Clever’s platform to power digital learning for schools to create seamless active learning experiences.

Teachers love Clever

Teachers love their digital classroom for resources, communication, and instruction. Plus, on-demand training makes onboarding as easy as 1-2-3.

Dedicated to your success

All schools gain access to an extensive help center, on-demand training, and world-class onboarding and support team to efficiently roll out Clever.

Trust comes first

We continuously invest in people, practices, and infrastructure to safeguard student data.
A clear commitment to data privacy
Clever gives educators transparency, visibility, and control over data sharing. Student data is used only for educational purposes at the direction of the district.
Comprehensive security program
Clever products and infrastructure are designed, built, and tested to meet our high standards of security. We never stop improving and continuously evaluate ways to enhance our security practices to better protect our students, teachers, and staff.

Are you a teacher?

Ready to get started but need some help? Contact your district administrator to see how your district could partner with Clever.
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