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Simplify access control and data management

Banish the confusion that comes with rolling out and managing multiple applications. Simplify student and staff direct access—and only grant access to the resources they need.

Integrate edtech faster with one secure login

With Clever as your starting point, implementing applications has never been easier. Rostering and federated single sign-on seamlessly authenticate students and teachers across all applications.
Clever Rostering
Clever’s secure integration with your SIS automatically shares student data with applications in real time. School administrators save time with easy implementation, reduce data errors, and strengthen data security for all.
Single Sign-On
Through Clever’s SSO, users can log into all applications across all devices with one set of credentials. Plus, personalized portals offer a unique experience for each user, showing only what’s relevant to them.
Clever Badges
Eliminate typing for lightning-fast logins. With the flash of a Clever Badge, students can unlock iOS, Chromebook, or Windows devices and applications. Every student – no matter their abilities – can now quickly and safely access digital learning resources.
Clever Analytics
Gain complete visibility into edtech engagement with Clever’s built-in dashboards and reports. Make informed decisions on purchasing and planning with the most historical and accurate data around.

A simple, secure way to enhance digital learning

The integration of technology into the curriculum has opened the doors to more equitable and engaging learning opportunities. At Clever, we strive to make it even more accessible.

All your resources in one place

Clever’s flexible connections and personalized portals ensure that teachers, students, and staff have access to the specific tools, data, and resources they need.

Decide who gets access to what

With Clever’s advanced access control for schools, administrators can easily manage and restrict user access to protect student privacy and ensure that the right people have access to the right data.

Manage data simply and securely

Clever’s clear commitment to data and privacy gives educators transparency, visibility, and control over data sharing. Student data is used only for educational purposes at the discretion of the district.

More ways Clever helps you

Identity & security

Trust comes first. From our comprehensive security measures to our transparent policies, Clever makes sure administrators can oversee and control how and where their data is used. We never stop improving and continuously evaluate ways to enhance our security practices to better protect our students, teachers, and staff.

Strict access controls:
School security teams can assign roles and permissions to limit access to student data.
User authentication:
Clever uses a variety of authentication methods to protect school security and ensure that only authorized users can access it.
Comprehensive security program:
Clever products and infrastructure are designed, built, and tested to meet our high standards of security. We never stop improving and continuously evaluate ways to enhance our security practices to better protect our students, teachers, and staff. We partner with school districts to implement school security practices designed to protect student information.
Data encryption:
We use the latest cryptographic algorithms like AES256-GCM, in addition to stringent user access control and multi-factor authentication measures, to safeguard your data.

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with integrating technology into your classroom. With Clever’s comprehensive suite of tools, you can take your digital learning experience to the next level and enhance your student’s academic journey.

Classroom Portal
Imagine having all your essential tools and resources in one convenient location. The Clever Portal allows you to streamline your digital learning experience, providing easy access to a variety of powerful tools and resources all in one centralized hub.
Simplify logins
With Clever’s Single Sign-On (SSO), students can effortlessly switch between different learning tools and resources without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.
Clever Rostering
Clever automates the rostering process by safely securing with your SIS, ensuring that student information is accurate and current.
Clever Badges
With Clever Badges, your students don’t need to type out a username and password to start learning digitally.

Clever’s interoperability solutions streamline education data management and reduce troubleshooting time, allowing educators and administrators to make informed decisions with standardized and consistent data across all systems.

OneRoster® support:
By offering seamless integrations and supporting open standards, such as 1EdTech OneRoster®, we enable users to connect to any application, making us the most widely adopted rostering solution.
Clever helps schools track student engagement and usage of digital resources, providing valuable insights into application usage.
Secure sync:
Clever’s automatic data syncing between all systems ensures accurate and reliable data, reducing workloads and eliminating the need for second-guessing whether accounts were created.
Seamless integration with trusted partners:
Clever partners with trusted educational apps such as Google Classroom, McGraw Hill, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to offer seamless interoperability.

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How does Clever ensure the security and privacy of student data?

We take our role as stewards of student data very seriously. Clever collects and uses student data only as necessary to provide our services to our districts at the direction and under the control of educators.

What types of student data do applications have access to?

The specific data that can be accessed will depend on the information available in the school’s SIS and the permissions granted by school administrators.

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